p7mViewer 3.0

p7mViewer 3.0 displays content of smime.p7m files and other files encrypted or signed in S/MIME standard. It gives an easy access to encrypted or signed email messages in web-based mail clients, encrypted e-mail attachments, signed documents and secure files archives.
p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora

p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora enables users of Qualcomm's Eudora to read S/MIME encrypted and signed emails.
p7mTool 1.0

Create encrypted and signed emails with p7mTool 1.0. The new command line tool creates smime.p7m email files for electronic mail communication as well as secured .p7m documents for secure archiving, web-publishing and document management.

SOWA is an add-in to Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5 turning Outlook WebAccess into a fully S/MIME compliant mail client. It seamlessly integrates with OWA, enabling users to receive and compose encrypted and digitally signed mail.

p7mViewer 3.0



Sep 23,2004

p7mViewer for Eudora released

p7mViewer plugin for Qualcomm's Eudora v.6 has been released. The plugin enables Eudora users to read S/MIME encrypted and signed mails within the application...
July 23, 2004

ppu VAS in the High-Technology Accelerator

ppu VAS takes part in The High-Technology Accelerator of the University of Lodz. The High-Technology Accelerator was established as an outcome of an Offset Program between Lockheed Martin and the Government of Poland...
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