p7mTool 1.0


p7mTool is a command-line tool application for Win32 Platform designed to create S/MIME compatible smime.p7m files and pkcs#7 wrapped documents.

  • Creates S/MIME compatible encrypted and signed smime.p7m files.
  • Uses HTML and plain text templates for email content
  • PKCS#7 envelope mode for creating .p7m secure document/data files
  • Rich runtime-expression evaluation syntax to allow for building sophisticated scripts
  • .CHM (HtmlHelp) documentation
  • A wide range of samples covering most of the tool's capabilities
  • CryptoAPI support

S/MIME features

  • Creates smime.p7m files containing MIME content + S/MIME envelopes ( encryption layer + signature layer)  
  • Uses mail-content templates for
  • Encrypts to certificates drawn from a certificate store or a disk file
  • Detailed security information for each security layer.
  • Security information of not-decrypted files (for each decrypted layer or decrypted-contained layer).


  • Displays and extracts files with their folder structure (if folder information is present).
  • Displays detailed information on attached files and folders.
  • Handles .p7m files nested as secure folders.
    Creating smime.p7m files
    Creating secure documents (eg. doc.pdf.p7m)
    Encrypting folders for archiving purposes
    Supporting S/MIME clients
    Building shell scripts
    Server-side pkcs#7 content creation

    Windows integration

  • Capable of updating Windows® Address Book based on information found in signatures of signed files.
  • Utilizes CryptoAPI for cryptographic services, which gives access to certificates installed on the system, security providers, cryptographic algorithms and devices  
  • Drag&drop attachments extraction
  • .p7m files' context menu for easy attachments extraction


  • Handles arbitrarily large files
  • Handles multiple security layers
  • Very low memory usage during attachment extraction in no-window mode  
  • Displays as much content of broken (e.g. incompletely retrieved) files as possible  


  • Windows supplied cryptography (CryptoAPI)  
  • Smartcard support through CSP (requires software supplied by the smartcard manufacturer installed)  


  • Flexible licensing schemes  
  • 30-day free trial license  
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