p7mViewer 3.0

p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora - Features

p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora is a plugin for Qualcomm's Eudora. It gives access to content and attachments of messages encrypted and signed in accordance with S/MIME standard.

When an S/MIME message is received in Eudora, instead of displaying confusing smime.p7m attachment that until now could only be opened with external application, p7mViewer 3.0 plugin displays the message,its attachments, and security information. Decoded message can be then forwarded, replied to etc. as ordinary message.

Full S/MIME plugin for Eudora is scheduled for Q4 2004.

General Information

  • Displays HTML and plain text mail
  • Gives access to all messages' attachments
  • Verifies and displays message security.
  • Based on CryptoAPI cryptograpy
  • Designed for Eudora 6.1,
  • Limited support for Eudora 5.2

  • Message Security

  • Handles typical and sophisticated (multiple security-layer, multiple signatures) S/MIME files.  
  • Security information summary for typical .p7m files in main window
  • Security information of not-decrypted files (for each decrypted layer or decrypted-contained layer).
    Licensing info


  • Handles arbitrarily large files
  • Handles multiple security layers  
  • Displays as much content of broken (e.g. incompletely retrieved) files as possible  


  • Windows supplied cryptography (CryptoAPI)  
  • Smartcard support through CSP (requires software supplied by the smartcard manufacturer installed)  


  • Flexible licensing schemes  
  • 30-day free trial license  

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