p7mViewer 3.0

p7mViewer 3.0 - Licensing

p7mViewer 3.0 and p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora share the same licensing scheme and license files.

Trial License

P7mViewer 3.0 and p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora come with a 30-day trial license and are fully-functional for this period of time. This allows you to check all of their functions before you decide to request a proper license.

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Commercial License

If you intend to use P7mViewer 3.0 and p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora in your work, this is the right kind of license for you.

We offer a flexible licensing scheme to let you optimize the cost of using p7mViewer:

Purchasing information
Pricing information
Installing a license

  • Perpetual License - for solutions where p7mViewer is the target user interface application for reading secure mail and p7m files.
  • Temporary Licenses. - designed for companies introducing PKI, where p7mViewer 3.0 application serves as a supporting, transitional tool, allowing you to use PKI in an entire institution from day one, while successively implementing another comprehensive solution.

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Non-profit Use License

You can register to get a free license for non-profit use of P7mViewer 3.0 and p7mViewer 3.0 for Eudora. By non-profit we understand private home use not connected to your professional duties.

Read the full Non-profit Use License Agreement

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