p7mViewer 3.0

Additional Resources

You can find download sample .p7m files from here. Sample files demonstrate capabilities of p7mViewer and .p7m files themselves. Some of these samples have been used to generate p7mViewer 3.0 screenshots.

NOTE: All of the sample files use self-signed certificates generated for demonstration purposes.

Simple Signed Html
A simple html e-mail signed by Alice Viewer. DOWNLOAD  (29,98 KB)
Simple Signed Text
A simple text e-mail signed by Alice Viewer. DOWNLOAD  (2,56 KB)
Simple Signed with Attachments
An e-mail signed by Alice Viewer containg Bob's private keys file attached. DOWNLOAD  (7,18 KB)
Simple Encrypted
A message encrypted to Alice, Bob & Charlie Viewer. DOWNLOAD  (9,2 KB)
Encrypted Folders
An encrypted message containg folder-structured attachments. DOWNLOAD  (209,95 KB)
Multiple signers
A signed message without certificates attached. DOWNLOAD  (30,44 KB)
Nested .p7m Files
A .p7m file containg other .p7m Files. DOWNLOAD  (42,9 KB)
Not Decrypted
A file encrypted to Eve & Dave Viewer. You cannot probably decrypt it, but still you can read the intended recipients. DOWNLOAD  (5,44 KB)

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