SOWA - S/MIME for Outlook WebAccess (OWA)


SOWA is an add-in to Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5 turning Outlook WebAccess into a S/MIME v.3 compliant mail client. SOWA seamlessly integrates with OWA, enabling users to receive and compose encrypted and digitally signed mail.

Main product features


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Main product features

  • Secure mail in S/MIME v.3 format
    SOWA modifies the user interface of OWA so that enable users to compose and read S/MIME secured mail.

  • Compatibility with other S/MIME enabled mail clients
    SOWA is S/MIME compatible with such mail clients as Outlook Express, Outlook or Netscape Messenger.

  • User interface inspired by Outlook Express
    User interface part handling S/MIME and security settings have been designed in accordance with respective Outlook and Outlook Express features.

  • Cryptographic operations performed locally
    Cryptographic operations and message edition are performed on the local workstation to keep the message contents confidential and cryptographic keys secure. Relying on cryptography services provided by Windows allows SOWA users to take full advantage of security devices such as smartcards or USB tokens. [screenshot]

  • Security settings stored remotely
    Secure S/MIME settings and certificate informations are stored remotely in the Exchange server and managed through a section in Options pane.

  • Message signing and encrypting
    Messages are signed and encrypted according to S/MIME v.3 specification. Message edition is performed locally to keep the message contents confidential. No message data is sent over the network until the message is sent or saved in an Exchange folder. [screenshot]

  • Signature verification and decryption
    Digital signature verification and message decryption are performed locally to avoid storing and transporting the unencrypted message and cryptographic keys. [screenshot]

  • Managing recipients certificates
    Recipients certificates and security preferences are attached to their entries in the private address book and managed easily in the Address Book entry window. [screenshot]

  • Automatic address book update
    Recipients' security settings are updated upon receiving a validly signed message according to S/MIME v.3 specification. [screenshot]


Information on distribution and pricing is available from

Live demo

A live demo of SOWA is available at UNIZETO's website.

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